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Welcome to GSQ 2016:

Global higher education scenario is witnessing rapid transformation in past few decades. There has been a huge expansion in tertiary education, with total enrolment rising from 100 million in 2000 to 196 million in 2012 providing access and equity to a larger section. However, there are large gender disparities in accessing tertiary education, with disadvantages for females in low income countries and for males in high income countries.

As many of the developing countries in the world are successfully increasing their gross enrolment in higher education, the world is definitely moving from elitist system to mass higher education system. This huge expansion has various dimensions including increased role of private sector, shift from place bound education to mobile and flexible forms of higher education, emergence of MOOCs and OERs, diminishing control of governments and so on.

Universities, quality assurance bodies, governments, inter- governmental agencies and international networks are under increased pressure from students and other stakeholders to play a proactive role in safeguarding the interests of the student community while promoting international student mobility. Reliable information system is one critical challenge.

While some regions like Europe have well established information and recognition systems like ENIC-NARIC, many other regions lack such resources. To address this issue, APQN has initiated a global project on Quality Information Portal, with the help of UNESCO.

It is believed that appropriate future of networking in quality assurance of higher education is in Networking of networks.

Global higher education and quality assurance community is witnessing rapid transformation in theory and practices due to huge expansion of higher education and emergence of different forms of higher education delivery within and across the borders.

It is therefore necessary that quality assurance agencies update themselves with new tools, share and learn practices form peers around the world and network actively with quality assurance bodies within region and internationally.

The proposed "Global summit on quality education:Sharing Values and Fostering Trust Beyond Borders" organized by NAAC in collaboration with APQN aims to address above issues by initiating dialogue among key stake holders and leaders of global higher education quality assurance community.


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1. Fostering Trust Beyond Borders in higher education quality assurance- Issues of mutual recognition of qualifications and accreditation decisions:

This Theme is expected to open the floor for discussion on issues of mutual recognition of qualification and accreditation decisions. The issue of National Qualification framework, regional alignment and inter operability of qualifications framework would also be discussed under this theme. Idea is to bring together information on various initiatives including that of UNESCO, other inter governmental organisations and quality networks which are active in this area, so as to explore synergy of all the efforts.The main aim is to contribute in Fostering of trust beyond of borders in higher education quality assurance to facilitate international student mobility.

2. Sharing Values in wake of internationalisation of higher education- Promoting values and ethical practices in quality assurance, addressing concerns of unfair practices :

This theme on sharing values in wake of internationalisation of higher education seeks to promote values and ethical practices in quality assurance. With the world witnessing episodes of intolerance, social unrest and erosion of human values, there is felt need to address the issue of inculcating the value system through higher education quality assurance. The challenges posed by degree mills, accreditation mills together with issue of corruption and credibility related to QA will also be discussed here.

3. Reinforcing the relevance of quality assurance in the age of disruptive innovations and groundbreaking technology in higher education- Developing strategies and resources for next generation quality assurance :

The third theme is aimed to bring focus on developing strategies and resources for next generation quality assurance which is characterised by disruptive innovations and ground breaking technology in higher education. The quality assurance of flexible forms of higher education including MOOCs and other new avenues would be discussed here. The focus will be on sharing good practices and means for capacity building.

4. Internal and External quality assurance: Renewal of the debate on accountability and improvement with advent of Rankings :

This theme seeks to reopen the traditional debate about roles of internal and external quality assurance and its influence on each other. It also opens floor for discussion on alternative tools for accountability and improvement such as benchmarking and rankings of higher education institutions.


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The global summit is expected to facilitate:

  • Sharing information and resources in higher education quality assurance
  • Exchange and promotion of good practices
  • Sharing and creating value through power of alliance
  • Serving global student community by facilitating student mobility
  • Developing strategies for creating global resources in quality assurance

  • Expected Outcome:
    Agreement or statement of intent among key global stakeholders of quality higher education to work together for common cause and explore untapped potential of networking among quality networks and quality assurance organisations.